Monday, February 15, 2016

#KeepCalmHopOn #BlogHop Win a Print Copy of The Bravest Squirrel Drives a Race Car

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The Bravest Squirrel Drives a Race Car

When his baby cousin Zander runs away, Chaz finally has a chance to live his dream of rescuing someone and proving his bravery. But Zander doesn’t want to be rescued, and he certainly doesn’t listen.

When the little squirrel crawls into a race car, Chaz follows him, expecting they will hide from the humans until the race is over. But Zander doesn’t stay hidden, wanting to try everything the humans do.

When the race car spins out of control, Chaz is the only one who can save them. If he’s not brave enough, not only will they crash, he’ll lose Zander forever.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Weekend for A New Home for Goose!

Did you pick up A New Home for Goose when it was free a couple of weeks ago? If not you have one more chance! A New Home for Goose is available digitally from Amazon for 99 cents. It will be free this Saturday, Sunday and Monday (February 13-15). It is free any time on Kindle Unlimited. Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Presidents' Day!

Goose sits on a shelf all year. Now it's Christmas, which means it's time for Goose to go to a new home. But Goose is scared!

Join the fun as Goose sets off on an adventure. What happens when a plastic goose rebels? Will Goose be able to overcome her fears?

Illustrated with actual photographs of Goose, this short picture book is fun for all ages.