Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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Squirrels?! Yep, I really write chapter books about squirrels from the squirrels' point of view. But here's the deal: The fears and emotions my squirrels face are the same ones that kids face as they start to grow up--feelings we've all had to deal with at some point. Reading about sweet, determined, plucky squirrels never giving up despite the tough odds against them, we can discover we're braver and stronger than we ever imagined, just like Pippi, Max and Lana.

The Bravest Squirrel Ever

Scared of thunder, lightning and being "flopped" by the humans, Pippi the squirrel wants to return to her mama’s warm, cozy nest. Instead, she and her siblings stumble on a better nest...in forbidden human territory.

The attic nest is too perfect to resist, and soon she is drawn into a dangerous game of teasing the people. When their teasing goes too far and puts their lives in danger, she is forced to abandon the perfect nest. However, she returns in order to rescue her brother. Instead, she becomes trapped inside.

With little food and the humans plotting her demise, Pippi must depend on her wits to survive, proving to herself and the world just how brave a little squirrel can be.

The Bravest Squirrel in the Forest

Everyone thinks Max’s sister is braver than he is, and he’s sick of it. He’s determined to prove he is the bravest squirrel ever. He devises a plan for the humans to trap him, so he can rescue his Uncle Louie.

But things don’t go according to plan. First, he is forgotten in the cage and sprayed by a skunk. Then he is dumped out of a truck and abandoned in the forest with a hungry coyote hot on his trail.

Max has to give up being brave and beg others to help him. When he has the chance to save Uncle Louie or risk his life to save a friend, suddenly Max discovers just how brave he really is.

The Bravest Squirrel in School

Lana has no interest in being brave like her brother and sister. However, she would like to be cuddled by a human, as long as another squirrel is nearby to keep her safe and rescue her.

But the plan goes horribly wrong. She ends up in a school bus full of children with no other squirrel to take care of her. Inside the school, she is discovered by a crowd of children who think she is a toy to poke and toss around.

With no one coming to rescue her, Lana needs to stand up for herself against the playground bullies and figure out a way to get back home. If she’s not brave enough to rescue herself, she’ll be stuck in school forever.

My mind is still racing with a lot more squirrelly adventures, so you haven't seen the last of my brave friends. Until then, channel your inner squirrel and be brave!

I'm giving away a print copy (US only) of The Bravest Squirrel Ever to one person who leaves a comment on this post about something brave that they've done. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!


  1. I suppose my surgery, I had yesterday, was brave.
    I was a bit nervous, but went through with it.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  2. The bravest thing I have done is talking about the abuse I received as a child / young woman. I will not allow myself to feel shame for what others have done to me.

  3. The bravest thing I ever did was taking ym 2 children and leaving a bad relationship

  4. The bravest thing I ever did was take the first airplane flight, I am still scared of airplanes, but I did it and I am still alive to talk about it..LOL

  5. Hmmm...I haven't done much brave but going on a Ferris Wheel makes me feel brave since I'm afraid of heights.

    maggie at literary winner dot com

  6. Really have not been into a brave situation that I know of. There are a lot of things in your lifetime you have to do, it is not bravery, it is just things that has to be done.

  7. I moved across the country with no job!

  8. I completely changed careers. I went from running a preschool (hated it) to be a math teacher at an alternative school (love it). Thank you


  9. I left my husband after he started hitting me.

  10. I moved across the country with no job!

  11. I gave birth to an amazing premature miracle baby and raised him as a single mother for 5 years now I think we've done good.

  12. You all are so brave and so amazing and so courageous to speak up on your brave journeys. I am cheering so loudly for all of you. And no way can I pick only one of you as my blog winners, so you all win. I will send each of you a print copy of The Bravest Squirrel Ever. If you provided your email address, I will email you shortly to get your mailing address. If you didn't leave your address, please email me at sara shafer at rocketmail dot com, so I can hook you up.