Friday, November 18, 2016

"Fowl" picture books: Holiday fun for the whole family! #kidlit #printbook

So, if you've been following this blog or even just checking in occassionally, you've probably noticed that I post about a new book then share a whole bunch of other author's books then go silent for a while. Then suddenly, I pop back with something new and a bit off the beaten path.

Guess what? I haven't just gone off the beaten path. I've wandered to lands no one has ever explored before. No one even imagined they existed. That's right. I created a goose and duck plastic decoy picture book genre, complete with "live action" photographs.

They make a perfect holiday grab bag gift--the books or the waterfowl! Personally, I like to give away both at once!!

A New Home for Goose

Goose sits on a shelf all year. Now, it's Christmas, which means it's time for Goose to go to a new home. But Goose is scared! 

Join the fun as Goose sets off on an epic adventure. What happens when a plastic goose rebels? Will Goose be able to overcome her fears?

Illustrated with actual photographs of Goose, this short picture book is fun for all ages.


A Fashion Makeover for Duck

Duck wears her cheese hat all the time. But she is ready for a change. She wants a fashion makeover.

Join the fun as Duck tries out the latest fashion styles. But what happens when Baby Blue wants to wear Duck’s old hat? Can Duck really give up her beloved cheese hat?

Illustrated with actual photographs of Duck (and Baby Blue), this short picture book is fun for all ages.

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